All About People

window silhouette version 2

– Tamara, the most important person in my life. Gifted songwriter and singer. Soul mate. I had her stand in a large 9th floor window for this backlit silhouette result.

NOVA SCOTIA 222 (4) 2

– A water truck mishap on Vancouver Island, and this poor guy didn’t know WHAT to do.


– A windshield shot of this street-side soft drink peddler. Must stop some day to buy one, get his story.

NOVA SCOTIA 101 (1) 2

– Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see a black clad person afloat in a big pond. This was taken in Kitchener Ontario. I believe it was part of an art installation. I sure hope so.

NOVA SCOTIA 62 (3) 2

– Big city gritty on the streets of Toronto.

NOVA SCOTIA 37 (3) 2

– Beaches Jazz Festival, Toronto.

NOVA SCOTIA 36 (5) 2

– Beaches Jazz Festival, Toronto.


– The fishing star, High Park Toronto on a beautiful summer evening.

14380985914_d4184e782a_h 2

– Easy riders. Mennonites in southwestern Ontario.

14195512637_acfe836187_h 2

– Hard workers. Mennonites in southwestern Ontario.

14057387312_00c02530e6_h 2

– Drinkers. A downtown watering hole that I was pulled into by total strangers who found me photographing a little sidewalk garden outside the establishment. It was a fun couple of hours.

13112528963_a9db184a94_b 2

– Couldn’t pass up this photo opp, taken at an improvisational music event in Toronto.

13111725363_9017a3a8fb_h 2

– Playing with exposure durations at the same music performance as above.

Jerome 2

– Jerome Godboo in action. Widely considered the world’s best harmonica player. Toronto is proud of him.

Jeromeharpslinger 2

– Same harp blaster, different outfit.

13046082545_aaf528bed5_h 2

– As seen inside Casa Loma, Toronto.

10843457374_6d8b7df58a_h 2

– We have a new mayor now. John Tory. This photo harkens back to the glory days of ex-mayor Rob Ford.

10112652566_abc1d66192_h 2

– Nuit Blanche 2013. An all night art event held in Toronto.

10112366023_2eefcdf85f_k 2

– Nuit Blanche; a long exposure using a Queens Park picnic table for a tripod.

9753379223_6f7665cd5d_h 2

– The Rex, Toronto. A great watering hole and venue for jazz and blues.

9753227321_2594e9e557_b 2

– Conor Gains at The Rex.


– Tough guy stance at the Toronto G20.

7246397060_e9f383faa7_b 2

– Impressing the gals.


– The lazy days of summer. (hey fella, we can see your ass)

7966455588_df6a06eb2c_b 2

– Street festival fiddler.

7980930047_6774af67a7_b 2

– Character corner, in the rougher part of town.

7173982669_fc8fa4543c_b 2

– My favourite characters from Woofstock 2012. (an annual street festival in Toronto that celebrates dogs)


– Daydreamer on the streetcar, Toronto. (yes, I asked permission to take the photo)

8107790929_8f50896331_b 2

– Friendly zombies at Zombie Walk 2013.


– Lovers with a view, from atop the hill that leads to Casa Loma. I think you know this is Toronto by now 🙂

Thus ends this theme. I hope you enjoyed. See you seeing me again soon.


7 thoughts on “All About People

  1. I have been loving your Toronto photos to the point where, when we’re watching one of the Mike Holmes shows, I feel like I know where I am. Well, at least I do when he’s in Toronto. GRIN!

    • Not all the houses here are built so poorly, wink wink. You’d love Toronto. If you ever make the trip, your old MySpace pal will happily be the tour guide! Happy 2015 upon ye, Blue.

  2. Very happy muse news, Rick. And from one photo to another, their differences in technique and your eye are so different. Amazing.

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