All About People

window silhouette version 2

– Tamara, the most important person in my life. Gifted songwriter and singer. Soul mate. I had her stand in a large 9th floor window for this backlit silhouette result.

NOVA SCOTIA 222 (4) 2

– A water truck mishap on Vancouver Island, and this poor guy didn’t know WHAT to do.


– A windshield shot of this street-side soft drink peddler. Must stop some day to buy one, get his story.

NOVA SCOTIA 101 (1) 2

– Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see a black clad person afloat in a big pond. This was taken in Kitchener Ontario. I believe it was part of an art installation. I sure hope so.

NOVA SCOTIA 62 (3) 2

– Big city gritty on the streets of Toronto.

NOVA SCOTIA 37 (3) 2

– Beaches Jazz Festival, Toronto.

NOVA SCOTIA 36 (5) 2

– Beaches Jazz Festival, Toronto.


– The fishing star, High Park Toronto on a beautiful summer evening.

14380985914_d4184e782a_h 2

– Easy riders. Mennonites in southwestern Ontario.

14195512637_acfe836187_h 2

– Hard workers. Mennonites in southwestern Ontario.

14057387312_00c02530e6_h 2

– Drinkers. A downtown watering hole that I was pulled into by total strangers who found me photographing a little sidewalk garden outside the establishment. It was a fun couple of hours.

13112528963_a9db184a94_b 2

– Couldn’t pass up this photo opp, taken at an improvisational music event in Toronto.

13111725363_9017a3a8fb_h 2

– Playing with exposure durations at the same music performance as above.

Jerome 2

– Jerome Godboo in action. Widely considered the world’s best harmonica player. Toronto is proud of him.

Jeromeharpslinger 2

– Same harp blaster, different outfit.

13046082545_aaf528bed5_h 2

– As seen inside Casa Loma, Toronto.

10843457374_6d8b7df58a_h 2

– We have a new mayor now. John Tory. This photo harkens back to the glory days of ex-mayor Rob Ford.

10112652566_abc1d66192_h 2

– Nuit Blanche 2013. An all night art event held in Toronto.

10112366023_2eefcdf85f_k 2

– Nuit Blanche; a long exposure using a Queens Park picnic table for a tripod.

9753379223_6f7665cd5d_h 2

– The Rex, Toronto. A great watering hole and venue for jazz and blues.

9753227321_2594e9e557_b 2

– Conor Gains at The Rex.


– Tough guy stance at the Toronto G20.

7246397060_e9f383faa7_b 2

– Impressing the gals.


– The lazy days of summer. (hey fella, we can see your ass)

7966455588_df6a06eb2c_b 2

– Street festival fiddler.

7980930047_6774af67a7_b 2

– Character corner, in the rougher part of town.

7173982669_fc8fa4543c_b 2

– My favourite characters from Woofstock 2012. (an annual street festival in Toronto that celebrates dogs)


– Daydreamer on the streetcar, Toronto. (yes, I asked permission to take the photo)

8107790929_8f50896331_b 2

– Friendly zombies at Zombie Walk 2013.


– Lovers with a view, from atop the hill that leads to Casa Loma. I think you know this is Toronto by now 🙂

Thus ends this theme. I hope you enjoyed. See you seeing me again soon.